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Perl Technologies Ltd provides your organization with all the services needed to create your E-learning digital content. We work with our customers to design the curriculum from the basic stage to the advanced modules of the course outline.

 In addition, we assist in the online distribution of the courses to the appropriate users who have the approved privileges and valid membership.

Bulk SMS

In the increasingly competitive space of SMS technology, choosing the right SMS provider for your business requires more than a simple price comparison. Although cost is important, there are a number of other aspects that should be taken into account before settling with an SMS provider.

Perl Technologies provides Bulk SMS packages to their clients with speed, reliability, scalability, efficiency, high message delivery rates and customer satisfactory feedback.

Intelligent Card Systems

We provide biometric card and smart cards for our clients in across all the major industries in Ghana to make those companies more efficient and tremendously reliable to their cherished customers.

With Perl Intelligent Card System, our clients are able to boost their sales and annual income through effective packages like loyalty reward programs and customer Payback Time through membership Cards.

Software Development

Perl Technologies is a well-known webpage design and mobile app development company offering meticulous development solutions since its inception. Whatever your budget is, and whatever your requirements are; we give our best to add value to your business. We always look for new possibilities in the field of information technology and in addition, we appreciate innovation and creativity.

We used tools such as cloud computing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), etc to create an excellent website or Mobile App which is effectively marketed to your target group.

Mobile App Development

Customized mobile application development focused on your consumers, organizations or other stakeholders can be a considerable value-add to your brand. We bring to the table cross-platform mobile application development and UI/UX capabilities. These capabilities allow us to create powerful and intuitive B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of your target audience.

Cyber Security

The approach and methodology followed for penetration testing differs depending on both the type and business use of the systems in question. To ensure that our partner companies are fully protected from cyber-attacks and security breaches, we deploy different kinds of testing which is to identify security vulnerabilities and also verify the robustness of the company’s network.

Tracking Solutions

Perl Technologies is a leading provider of solutions utilizing RFID based technologies and traditional GPS tracking systems in Transport, Retailing, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

Extending our technological expertise in this domain, we seek to deliver value and growth in tangible business terms. With our core team deeply entrenched in both business and technology, we are able to differentiate ourselves by enabling useful applications of RFID based technologies across diverse domains such as inventory management, article tracking and visibility.

IOT Solutions & Management

Perl’s Smart Retail Solution leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable retailers monetize key customer insights. The solution relies on non-intrusive IoT sensors and smart cards for in-depth analytics on consumers’ behavior and traffic patterns. With this data driven solution, retail executives and corporate managers can gather deeper insights into buyer engagement, efficacy of store displays, optimal floor navigation paths, and store “hot” zones ready for personalized offers.

IT Telecom & Procurement

Perl Technologies help companies purchase IT related-hardware, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Network Hubs, Switches, Rack, External Hard Drives, Cisco Routers, Keyboards, Mouse, Toners

In addition, we work with major Telecom OEMs to provide telecom equipment like, RRUs, BBUs, repeater, Antennas etc.