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Tracking Solution

 Perl Technologies is a leading provider of solutions utilizing RFID based technologies and traditional GPS tracking systems in Transport, Retailing, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

Extending our technological expertise in this domain, we seek to deliver value and growth in tangible business terms. With our core team deeply entrenched in both business and technology, we are able to differentiate ourselves by enabling useful applications of RFID based technologies across diverse domains such as inventory management, article tracking and visibility.

Our RFID based solutions deliver multiple advantages over the more traditional solutions, which combine to make RFID one of the most rapidly emerging domains across the world.

We provide tracking solutions for passport, wallet, school children, animals(pets) jewelry, retail shops, Etc.

Retail Tracking Solution

Our Retail Tracking Solution also automates the process of packaging, selling, delivery control for online purchases, as well as quality and traceability assurance.

Our solution uses a unique numbered RFID tag that provides a very efficient method of identifying articles and collecting data far more efficiently than the traditional way of data collection.

Each unique RFID tag can be linked to a database that includes the item’s specific information such as price, expiry date, brand name and more.

Logistics Tracking Solution

Our Logistics Tracking solution helps to track items of various importance and benefits. We provide this solution to hospitals, transport service companies, online retail shops, Delivery companies, etc.

With this tracking solution, our clients are able to track their fleet of vehicles, items for delivery to remote locations, hospital equipment and medicines in the stores, goods in the warehouse and most importantly manage their asset which are scattered throughout the country.

Jewelry Tracking System

The need for robust tracking and visibility solutions is most felt in the case of high value articles such as jewelry.

Across jewelry stores, tracking and visibility have been largely manual processes which are time consuming and prone to errors. Frequent theft issues further add to the financial pressures as even small material losses translate into high value losses.

The Jewelry Tracking Solution from Perl Technologies makes use of RFID based technologies to enable tracking of inventory via scanning and hence instant stock update. At the same time, the staff productivity is immensely helped through more automated and accurate processes.

Tagging Jewelry items with durable, tamper proof RFID tags, each of them are scanned through readers which then transmit information to an inventory database, helps to improve the security of the jewelry shops and also improves the overall performance of the shop managers.

Thus, the entire inventory can be tracked, updated and maintained through this solution in an accurate, fast and secure manner.

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We exist to deliberately create sustainable solutions and efficient systems to empower our partners and individuals through the use of new technologies and intelligent systems.