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Customized Enterprise Solutions

We live in the digital age where everything is connected to each other for seamless communication.  Based on this information, we are able to create Enterprise solutions for companies which meet their specific needs, using the latest technologies, such as Predictive Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence and Cloud Computing, etc.

Through these latest technologies we are able to deliver efficient and customized solutions in the area of Telecommunication, Banking, E-commerce, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Retailing, Transportation. etc.

Big Data Analytics

Retailers, grocery stores, restaurant owners and food producers are able to benefit from our Big Data Analytics to understand customer requirements effectively and discover important food requirement which they need to put on their menu.

With Big Data Analytics, restaurant can do effective Customer Segmentation, get feedback on customer Dining Experience and also improve on their favorite Menu.

Also with our Big Data Analytics, healthcare practitioners gain actionable insights from different sources and analyze such crucial data which reveal useful patterns and ultimately helps to improve healthcare delivery process.

Predictive Analysis

With the increasing amounts of data throughout industries spread all over the globe the importance of predictive analytics has become overwhelming important.

We use our Predictive analytics software to bring out optimal planning decisions based on the near-accurate predicted future and addressing questions such as “what shall be done in this case?” and “why shall it be done?”

In industries like logistics, predictive analysis or analytics is done with respect to operational performance metrics such as delivery service levels and impact analysis of external factors such as exchange rates, fuel prices, and carrier rates.

Other practical applications include collaborative Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) by connecting statistical forecasting methods for demand planning.

Below are areas where we use our predictive analytics solutions to make a positive impact in the net total revenue of the company.

  • 1- Prescriptive Analytics in Banking
  • 2- Prescriptive Analytics in Insurance
  • 3- Prescriptive Analytics in Retail
  • 4- Prescriptive Analytics in Healthcare
  • 5- Prescriptive Analytics in Supply Chain- Marketing, Warehousing, Procurement

Artificial Intelligence

Technology evolution is now making way for innovation in App development. The latest emerging technology to change Software development is Artificial intelligence. AI is a technology allowing all software developers to build apps providing highly contextual and personalized experiences.

Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, describes a machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence and actions such as logic reasoning which were typically considered unique to humans. This technology is now being successfully deployed and used in every industry. One of the most common examples is AI is chatbots, specifically the “live chat” that handle basic customer service requests on company websites. AI is raising the benchmark of excellence as the technology continues to evolve.

Whether it is to help automate customer service activities, improve productivity, and enhance employee and customer engagement, Our AI-powered bots are powerful and sophisticated enough to change the landscape of your enterprise ecosystem.

Our AI Apps are being used to change industries by better monitoring and managing processes for higher efficiency and performance. Classical examples of Applications and opportunities of our AI software are listed below:


Artificial intelligence is bringing about a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry and can be applied to various types of healthcare data (structured and unstructured). Its impact promises to be truly life-changing. From hospital care, asset management to clinical research, and drug development, AI applications are revolutionizing the core functioning of the healthcare industry to reduce costs and improve patient care.


The construction industry is fast joining the technology and software change bandwagon. AI is helping the construction industry to the next phase of tomorrow. Bringing AI and machine learning into this industry will reduce human error, fasten the construction process, minimize hazards and increase safety at workplace.

Logistics & Delivery

AI helps integrate supply chain management by unifying data. It analyzes and provides insights across the organization. Right from anticipating orders to effective management of deliveries, AI has the power to increase efficiency across entire supply chain. Along with predictive analytics, AI can significantly improve route optimization and network management.


AI applications in the transport sector can provide traffic analysis, facilitate safe transport, as well as real-time journey planning.

Augmented Reality

For several years, Augmented reality (AR) has been dubbed as a technology bringing about transformational change in the way people live and work. It is the application which allow overlay computer graphics onto view of our immediate environment (AR) for better perception and comprehension.

AR is increasingly being adopted in different industries such as healthcare, retail and advertising.

Our AR software gives people the opportunity to navigate and interact within virtual or augmented environments which leads to the creation of more “natural” feeling of interaction and exploitation within the virtual space.


The use of AR app development can be helpful for patients to remotely seek a doctor's consultation. The effective use of our AR development will help research and diagnostics' laboratories to run more tests than any other medical testing facilities. They will do so by increasing efficiency in laboratories by collecting samples and data from remote locations in real time. Laboratories can use the services to monitor the equipment and automate testing processes.

AR in Advertising

Our AR advertising is expected to change phenomenally the way brands interact with their audiences. Brands that want to make their AR experiences grow will need to use our AR App to meet their audiences’ specific needs for information, accessibility and entertainment.

AR in Retail

The retail evolution will continue to challenge brick-and-mortar and the traditional retail, but it will be offset by the expanding retail footprint and other niche retailers will be well positioned to thrive in this environment. Our Augmented reality (AR) App holds tremendous value and potential for the retail industry, because of its wide availability and accessibility on shoppers’ smartphones

AR in Real Estates

This technology is being used widely to delight customers by allowing several activities such as visualization of apartments and private tour of new homes and houses which are being sold or rented out to potential customers. Moreover, the widest application of AR is to provide realistic house information, which works across different houses and apartment locations by adding a textual and visual information layer to the houses under screening. This will help get vital information such as quick view of the house, user ratings, features and dimensions of the house at any time and ultimately at the convenience of the potential buyer.
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